For some, urban gardening is a fun hobby, but for others, gardening and planting fruits, vegetables, and sometimes even crops is a profession. However, very soon, gardening (more specifically, urban gardening) might become a necessity that makes your life a lot easier in the long run.


A lot of people have started to pick up urban gardening because of countless different reasons. One of which is the accessibility of greens in their area. Especially in times like this, finding and buying greens and fruits in groceries seems like a pipe dream. However, through urban gardening, that dream can quickly become a reality!


Here are the countless benefits of urban gardening and how you can pick it up yourself!


Why should you pick up urban gardening?


Aside from the fact that it helps you cut grocery costs, urban gardening comes with many different benefits. It can offer a plethora of summer activities for your children, give you accessible greens and herbs to use for cooking, and many more!


Urban gardening is relatively easy to pick up as well. All you need is a proper knowledge of plants and what soil to use and a little bit of space inside or outside your house! Although this sounds like so many things to look up, one quick Google search can give you all the information that you need.


Newbie friendly tips for new gardeners!


Not all of us have a backyard that’s large and easy to plant any vegetables on. For people trying to pick up gardening but have only a little bit of space to work with, you have a lot of options when it comes to greenery! An example of this is Brazilian spinach.


Brazilian spinach is a very easy vegetable to grow and further propagate. It doesn’t take much to keep it healthy and thriving as well! All you have to do is introduce it to some soil, and it’ll most definitely shoot up in a few days. It’s also perfect for salads or for dishes that need color and a base to work with.


It’s also good to start with herbs and spices such as snake plants, oregano, or basil. These are used quite frequently in the kitchen and working with fresh herbs elevates the flavor of any dish! Herbs are also incredibly natural to grow for new gardeners.




The benefit of picking up urban gardening is the variety that you can get if you have a lot of space to work with. You can have different areas for different plants to propagate, different types of soil patches, and you can even grow more abundant fruit vines!


It would be beneficial to plant a variety of low maintenance plants like Moringa. Moringa is considered a super food but isn’t a lot of work to grow and maintain! All you need to develop some of these plants is a big pot, sunlight, and water.




One of the many benefits of starting a new vegetable or fruit garden is the ability to further enhance these by increasing soil fertility. How do you do that? Easy! Through the use of DIY composting and taking advantage of the food waste you get from cooking with vegetables that you grow!


Stems from vegetables that you don’t want to cook? Throw it in your compost. Inedible leaves or leaves that have turned yellow? Throw it in the compost. Vegetable dishes that have gone bad and you don’t want to eat? Throw it in the compost!


There are countless ways of composting as well, and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, there will be at least one composting method that’ll be suitable for you!


Food Security and Quality


Although most parts of the world aren’t suffering from any food shortages, it doesn’t mean that a lack of food won’t ever happen. In many urbanized areas, hundreds of thousands of people don’t have access to affordable and healthy eating.


By cutting the middleman and planting the vegetables yourself, you not only grant yourself food security, but you can also help other people by swapping it with other greenery or food. Food quality can also be upheld through urban gardening similar to how local farms provide better quality greenery than mass producers from different cities and states.


Gone are the days where you’d have to settle for less just because it was the only thing available in the market. Now, the quality is in your hands, and you won’t have to settle for less!

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