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Welcome to Local Tree Company where we provide you an online directory of local tree companies, tree care information, and even consumer feedback about the best local tree companies and those tree companies to avoid! Property owners understand the importance of tree care, and in every community we help shine the light on every great local tree company!


Remember, don’t cut corners when cutting trees; getting a reputable tree company that is fully licensed and insured will not only help you get the job done right, but it will keep you safe in the event of an accident, injury or property damage of your family or others as a result of any tree service performed on your property.


Lastly, please support local tree companies that legally hire those who live in our communities. Hiring a company with no insurance or license to save on money can be catastrophic if something goes wrong. In fact shady tree companies that don’t provide proper insurance put their worker’s at risk as well! If you’re a tree company and provide great tree service we invite you to share information on our website that will be viewed by property owners in every neighborhood of the United States!


Some of our Featured Local Tree Companies

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    NYC Tree Services

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    Brooklyn Tree Company

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    Queens Tree Company

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    Owens Bros Tree Service

    • Bronx Treee Services

    Bronx Tree Services

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    Staten Island Tree Company



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