Summer is here. Some of us rejoice because this is the season when we can enjoy outdoor activities under the sun’s heat. However, not all living creatures are very excited about it, especially that it brings drought, scorching heat, summer storms, and wildfires.


These elements pose a particular threat to trees. As a tree owner, you must be wary of the dos and don’ts of taking care of your trees this summer.


Taking care of your trees during summer is not as difficult as you might imagine it would be. It’s simple and straightforward as long as you are well-informed about the things that you need to do. We’ll run you through some of these things to ensure that your trees will live healthy this summer.


Summer Tree Care Don’ts

1. Do not over-water your trees


Moisture levels decrease during summer, but over-watering your trees can be detrimental to their health. If your tree is still young and stacked, you can use 10 gallons of water and water it once a week. If your tree is already mature, you only need to water it once a month or twice if there is a prolonged hot temperature.


You can check on the soil near the tree to determine whether it needs some watering already. If the soil is soggy or damp, then it means there’s no need to water it. But if you can see that the surrounding land is already dry, it’s your cue that your tree needs to be hydrated.


2. Don’t Prune Your Trees During Summer


Summertime is the time when your tree is the most active. It is a time when they are usually in full bloom and when they exhibit their most beautiful appearance.


That’s why you shouldn’t prune your trees during summer as it can lead your trees to feel stressed. The best time to prune them is during their dormant period, which is during winter months.


3. Do not Plant New Trees During Summer


Check the kind of tree you will be planting, because most often than not, summer is not a good time for planting certain tree species.

The fluctuating summer conditions because of the sudden rain or heat of the sun and even the possibility of drought can cause adult trees to be dressed. Imagined a young tree going through at all that.


It is better than you wait for spring or autumn – these are the seasons that are ideal for tree planting.


Summer Tree Care Do’s


Now that we’ve discussed what you should avoid, it’s time to talk about how you should take care of your trees.


1. Mulch your Trees


Mulching trees is usually during spring, but you can also do it during summer. You can add a layer of material to the surface of the soil surrounding your tree to improve the soil’s moisture, improve soil fertility, and reduce the chances of weed growth.


This can also enhance the overall aesthetics of your tree. By doing so, you can lessen the stress that your tree feels during the season.


2. Hydrate your Trees


Don’t worry too much about over watering your trees to the point that they don’t get hydrated. You just have to know the right thing to do to be confident in carrying out this kind of care.


Also, please do some research on how much water your tree requires as it might differ from one tree to another. Just like the tip or not over watering your tree, the soil around it is a good indicator.


Check out this great resource on how to avoid over-watering your tree & preventing root rot.


3. Inspect your Tree


Now is the best time to inspect your tree if there is any storm damage of pest infection. If there are some damages, you can try to do some remedy so it can be sturdier for the next storm.


As mentioned earlier, trees are the most active during summer, but they are not only active pests, too. So, check your trees for any signs of pests so you can address them immediately.


Summer Tree Care GuideTaking care of your trees in any season can help them thrive throughout their lifetime. There are different tree care needs that you need to carry out based on the season since each season brings about different elements that can affect your trees. Sometimes you just need a local tree service to help you out with all of your tree care needs.


In that case you can find a great tree company right here on!


As a tree parent, knowing what to do during each season is vital for the survival of your tree. So, learn how to do it and how to do it right.

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